Published Tháng Ba 11, 2012 by followyunjae


On the 10th, KBS2′s “Entertainment Relay” received an audio file from the JYJ sasaeng fan who was in the middle of the yelling controversy.

Because of polar reactions from fans concerning the JYJ fan violence controversy, KBS’s “Entertainment Relay” team went to interview the sasaeng fan who was part of the audio recordings.

In the interview, it was found out that the audio was from 2009, and about the JYJ violence controversy the fan stated “Those events witnessed were not even large enough to be called assault”, dismissing the controversy of the crisis directly.

This JYJ sasaeng fan controversy raised much awareness about the problems surrounding fan culture, making this a thought provoking and memorable event for many people.

SourceTV Daily via Nate
Translation by: Yule @
Shared by: Prince JJ
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