Published Tháng Năm 10, 2012 by followyunjae


K-pop trio JYJ’s Kim Jae-joong is on a roll with his activities in the country and abroad, with the ticket sales record of his sold-out meet-and-greet in Taiwan being the latest proof of his popularity.

All 2,500 tickets to Kim’s fan meeting in Taiwan have sold out in minutes after they went on sale, his agency C-JeS Entertainment announced in a statement on Thursday.

The officials said that the forthcoming event is “to respond to the soaring popularity of Kim’s drama ‘Protect the Boss’ in Taiwan.”

Kim, who is busy filming his upcoming TV series “Dr. Jin” (tentative title), had already scored a surprising record in his fan events’ ticket sales after the Shanghai and Turkey’s have sold out in no time.

Like his all previous fan meetings, he will talk about his recent activities, hold a session to communicate with fans and perform a song from the soundtrack to…

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